what is Philanthropitch?

Philanthropitch is a fast pitch forum for Austin’s most promising nonprofit organizations looking for access to human and financial capital. This high energy event is a platform for local organizations to present a specific need that will dramatically grow their impact on the community. Selected nonprofits have 3 minutes to pitch for cash prizes and acceptance into the Accelerator. Read more...


Are you ready to grow one of your programs or services, but need an infusion of financial and human capital? We are looking for nonprofits that are ready to dramatically accelerate their organizational growth and impact. Learn more about the program and how you can apply.

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Join us to witness leaders from Austin nonprofits pitch their ideas to advance their organization's impact. Cheer them on as they're presented with cash awards and 5 winners are selected to participate into the Accelerator. Hear some of Austin's greatest needs and how you can be a part of the change!


"Philanthropitch allowed our organization to understand our true value proposition and how to communicate that value most powerfully." - College Forward

"All of us in the non profit world need to feel comfortable with our pitch. This provides the perfect opportunity to work on it. Most importantly, what I learned throughout the process, I have used over and over again as I have talked to others about the Seedling Foundation." - Seedling Foundation

"Philanthropitch gives you the opportunity to express your mission in a fun, creative, and fast paced way; In front of an audience that can help you accomplish your vision to make Austin a better place to live." - Mobile Loaves & Fishes