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Philanthropitch 2016 Finalists Chosen as Mission Capital Investees

We are thrilled to announce that CareBOX, Con Mi MADRE and The Goodwill Career and Technical Academy have been selected as 2016 Investees by Mission Capital. All three organizations were 2016 Philanthropitch finalists and were chosen for this opportunity by the Mission Capital Partner Investee Selection Committee. The process began when 5 different Philanthropitch finalists were accepted into the Mission Capital Accelerator, where they received a $3,000 investment and a devoted mentorship. The accelerator concluded on October 27th, when CareBOX, Con Mi MADRE and The Goodwill Career and Technical Academy were chosen as 2016 investees. Each of the three organizations will receive some form of assistance from Mission Capital.

CareBOX will receive a three-year engagement of partner time ad an initial investment of $30,000. The Mission Capital Partner Investee Committee decided on the three-year partnership based on the willingness of the leadership team and their motivation for growth. CareBOX is committed to improving the lives of cancer patients by providing high quality essential care supplies, and through this partnership they will have the opportunity to scale and reach a larger population of patients in need. Jillian Domingue, the Executive Director of CarBOX noted that the partnership with Mission Capital “surrounded the CareBOX Program with an invaluable team of advisors to help our small team further develop our business model, strategize for growth, and determine avenues for accessing sustainable funding. This has all been critical as we head into the third year of the CareBOX Program and continue to scale to serve more cancer patients.”

Con Mi MADRE will receive a one-year engagement of partner time and expertise. The committee voted on the one-year partnership with the hopes of expanding into new markets while retaining the quality of the program. Working together, they will construct a new model that is able to reach a larger audience. Through Con Mi MADRE, young Latina women are provided the resources to graduate high school and enter college through a 4 step holistic approach. The program also requires the involvement of a mother or legal guardian to mentor the student through the 13-year journey. Due to the expansive growth in the Latina community, this partnership will allow Con Mi MADRE to magnify their reach and make an even larger impact.

Goodwill Career and Technical Academy will receive a one-year engagement of partner time and expertise. The goal of this partnership is to provide strategic support in shaping the program so that more Texans will be able to find employment. The Goodwill Career and Technical Academy provides participants with affordable and accelerated career certification. The program includes certifications in the fields of healthcare, technology, skilled trades, and business professions. Through this partnership more Texans will receive the education needed to secure long-term employment.

We look forward to seeing how each organization utilizes this strategic partnership, and we extend our most sincere congratulations to CareBOX, Con Mi MADRE and The Goodwill Career and Technical Academy.


Philanthropitch Finalist, Goodwill, Amplifies Impact in Central Texas

Three months ago, Matt Williams, Vice President of Education at Goodwill of Central Texas, stood on stage at the Zach Theater and shared the Goodwill Career and Technical Academy’s (GCTA) vision for a new approach to workforce development.  An approach designed to bridge the gap between employers with good jobs and the un-and underemployed eager to fill those positions.

It was Austin’s fourth annual Philanthropitch, and GCTA was granted $25,000 that night, including the 2nd place Audience award. The audience proved to be more valuable to Matt than he could have known leaving the Zach that night. From her seat in the audience, Virginia Potter heard Matt’s pitch. When it came time to text in her vote for the Audience Choice Award, she texted GCTA. She also heard Matt explain that to truly launch GCTA would need a total of $125,000 in initial capital. Lucky for Matt, Virginia is Portfolio Director of Central Texas with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and knows how to make GCTA’s vision a reality.

“I am really excited about this partnership with GCTA,” said Virginia Potter. “They have an incredible vision of how to bridge the workforce gap in Austin which aligns with the foundation’s desire to close the poverty gap in Central Texas.”

In his pitch, Matt described two Austins: One with low-wage workers seeking employment opportunities and another with employers hard-pressed to find qualified workers. In partnership with industry, GCTA pitched an initiative to bridge this gap with trainings that put people to work in higher paying roles quickly. Virginia saw a connection point with her work at the foundation in K-12 education by providing high school seniors job training as well.  

With the money received at Philanthropitch and the extra funding from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, GCTA has surpassed their initial goal reaching $150,000!  

And it’s not just about the money.  Virginia envisions a truly collaborative process to develop a strong program to measure impact. “The great thing about the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is that they’re in it with us and they understand it’s total innovation,” said Matt. Instead of relying on traditional industry benchmarks, their joint goals are focused on long-term success in the workforce development sector.

GCTA will continue to fundraise to ensure the sustainability of the program. They are also participating in the Mission Capital Accelerator program – a spot awarded to them by the Social Venture Partners at Philanthropitch. According to Matt, the Accelerator has already been helpful in developing the model and their network.

Matt and GCTA appreciate the value of participating in Philanthropitch. “This network is really valuable and the most important piece is to truly understand who is in the room at the event,” said Matt.