About Philanthropitch

Philanthropitch™ is a social impact fast-pitch competition that provides high-potential nonprofits and social enterprises with access to human and financial capital.

In the past four years, Philanthropitch has filled over 2,000 seats with engaged community members and given over $550,000 in funding as well as coaching, exposure and access to an accelerator program to 52 mission-driven organizations.

We drives change in local communities by:

  • Providing social innovators with the tools they need to take their model to the next level
  • Giving forward-thinking leaders the platform to express their visions
  • Awarding funds to accelerate their impact
  • Creating networks and connections vital to making their visions a reality
  • Educating local communities on how to support impactful initiatives

Philanthropitch is a nonprofit program of the Notley Fund network, an organization that invests in sustainable and scalable nonprofits and businesses that create positive change in people’s lives.